The Briarwood Civic Association is pleased to lend its support to the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office's "Project Child Safe" and "Project Safe Neighborhoods" Campaign to keep communities and children safe from handgun violence.

Leaving an unattended, loaded firearm in the home with children is not safe or smart. A loaded gun that is not properly secured or under the direct control of its owner is dangerous. If you think you can hide a gun from children, think again. Guns are like birthday presents--no matter how hard you try to hide them, kids will find them.

The Briarwood Civic Association has obtained several gun locks and will distribute them on a first come basis. Request a free Gun Lock today and safguard your weapons from children. You can obtain a free gun lock by calling Bill Bland at 821-1276.

For additional information regarding the Project Safe Neighborhoods and Project Child Safe programs, check out the below listed web-sites. Just click on the logo for easy access.

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